Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday, Clara!

So now that you all know how Clara made her grand entrance, we spent the last two weeks of October celebrating her second birthday. Well, at least it felt like we celebrated that long!

We had our first party on the day before her birthday...Friday, the 17th. We already had plans on the 18th to participate in the Alzheimer Association's Memory Walk in Atlanta, so on Friday night we had a mini-party at our house to let her open the gifts from us, as well as the ones from family and friends who had shipped things her way. We had a couple friends over for pizza and wings, and I made ( read that right...I actually baked) her a chocolate fudge cake. It was a great evening...very laid back and fun.

On Saturday morning we got up bright and early to make the drive to Atlanta for the Memory Walk in honor of Granny Randol. It was a little chilly at first, but ended up being a beautiful day, and it was a very special way to spend Clara's birthday. We attached a birthday balloon to the stroller and took her birthday princess crown with us (though she wasn't really too interested in wearing it that morning). It was a great day.

The final celebration took place while we were visiting our family in KY. Since we were coming through town anyway, they held onto their gifts there and we went out to Chuck E Cheese one night and had a little party for Clara then. It really was a lot of fun. Sometimes Clara gets a little overwhelmed in new situations and will become quite clingy, but not that night! She was trying out all the little rides and slides. She really was having a fantastic time. Lilly and Carson enjoyed the trip too. They all especially loved the 'dance cam' where they could see themselves on the televisions as they danced. This was the first time that we have taken the girls someplace like that...I'm certain we'll be doing it more often now though!

I think Clara definitely appreciated how special she felt throughout her birthday celebrations. She is certainly enjoying her new arsenal of toys (as is Lilly) and clothes! We only had a couple of minor meltdowns with Lilly being slightly jealous...she was a very gracious big sister for the most part though. She has already told us what she wants for HER birthday and can describe to anyone when it is going to take place (First we have Thanksgiving, THEN Lilly's birthday). She was very sweet with Clara though...she was the best 'Happy Birthday' singer, and provided an assist with blowing out the candles. And considering she is only two herself, she has done a really great job of respecting that the new things in the house are Clara's new toys, and in turn Clara has been great at sharing her goods. We are so blessed by both of them!

So Happy, Happy Birthday, Clara! You were a beautiful surprise from God, and our lives are enriched each and everyday with your sweet smile and gentle heart. We love you very much!

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