Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Halloween

This was the first Halloween that the girls have really understood a little about the holiday. They were VERY excited about dressing up like mermaids (as you will recall), and had been practicing their 'Trick or Treats' for weeks. At the first mention of getting pumpkins, Lilly began BEGGING to paint hers. (Which amazed me that she remembered we had done this last year after pumpkin picking.) It was especially fun for the girls this year I think, because we were still in KY, so they got to go trick or treating with Carson (and Gabby since Tom, Joyce, and Emily stopped by with her!), and they enjoyed all the holiday festivities with Gamma and Papa. I think this meant as much to my mom and dad as it did to the girls. As you will see in the photos, Papa definitely gets into Halloween!

The girls were masters at trick or treating after the first house they went to, and when we got back to mom and dad's house they got a huge kick out of watching my Grandpa Clark give out treats to the neighborhood kids. Before giving up the treat, he would make them watch his trick of wiggling his teeth (his dentures to be more exact!). It really was a riot to watch the reaction of the kids as he did this and by the end of the night, Lilly was trying to do the same thing with her teeth...very funny! Grandma and Grandpa Clark came out to spend some time with us and to enjoy the kiddos on this fun holiday. They actually stayed over and we were all able to go out to breakfast the next morning before heading back to Georgia on Saturday. Enjoy these photos of our Halloween festivities. I absolutely loved this Halloween and reliving all the fun and excitement through the girls. It was amazing to experience something as little as putting your hand in a pumpkin for the first time and dressing up as a favorite imaginary character with the two of them. They are special treats themselves!

Lilly and Clara painting pumpkins that Gamma and Papa picked out for them.

The girls helping Papa decide what kind of face 'George' (our pumpkin man) would have this year. Lilly decided it should be a fun and silly face. ;-)

Lilly putting her hand in a pumpkin for the first (and only!) time. She decided it was 'yucky' and that she'd leave that to Papa.

Clara giving 'George' a kiss before Papa put him on his scarecrow body.

The girls hanging out with Carson before we went trick or treating.

Papa wearing the Cowboy costume that Lilly picked out for him. He was a good sport, though I'm not sure he was crazy about what she picked! Maybe next year we'll let Carson decide what he should be. ;-)

Our gang starting on our trick or treating adventure!

The girls going up to get 'More Candy!' as Lilly would say. After each house she would announce, 'Let's go to another house...and get MORE CANDY!' Clara was Papa's buddy that night. She would not hold hands with anyone else...she was his girl.

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