Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're on the MOVE! I know it has been awhile. What can I say? Life has been HECTIC, and I guess it is probably going to stay that way right through the new year. More about that later...what I really want to focus on now is my Granny...Mary Randol.

My Granny is an amazing woman. She has taught me about faith, hope, and compassion. She has taught me empathy, sacrifice, and service. Granny has taught me about living life to the absolute fullest and taking care of those I cross paths with along the way. She has taught me that it is the little things that make the biggest difference in the lives of others, and that prayer and trust in God can take you a long way. She has taught me about love...the unconditional kind....the kind that accepts everyone for who they are at their innermost core. The amazing part is, that to teach me these most important life lessons, she never spoke to me about any of them. She simply lived her life the best way she knew how. In doing that, she spoke volumes, without saying a word. My Granny is an amazing woman.

My Granny is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. This is a terrible disease with tremendous symptoms which effect not only the patient, but the entire family. The cause to create awareness, conduct research, and to find a cure for this disease is one that has become very close to my heart for obvious reasons. Granny has been a beautiful blessing in my life. I will never forget the lessons she has taught me. She may not always recognize my face, or remember my name, but I know that deep inside she still holds all of us close to her heart and she will never forget the love that she has for any of those precious to her.

On October 18th Steve and I (with the girls in tow!) will be participating in The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk here in Atlanta in honor of Granny. (This also happens to be Clara's second birthday, and I can think of no better way to spend it!) Today, I am asking for your support to help raise funds and awareness for this wonderful cause. If you are able to make a donation, simply go to the link below, and click on 'Find a Walker'. Do a search for my name and follow the is very easy. If you are unable to make a monetary donation, I simply ask for your prayers for Granny, and all those who are suffering with this disease, as well as those who are caring for them.

Thank you so much in advance for your help, prayers, and support for this wonderful cause! Enjoy these photos of us with Granny from the last couple of years!

My Memory Walk website is:

Us visiting with Granny in July 2007, just before our move to Georgia.

(I love the photo above of Granny with the girls!)

I'm never be too big to sit on Granny's lap! (Though I do have to be careful not to break her!)
Our visit with Granny in May, when we were home for my cousin's wedding.
Granny and I in May...I know it is a dark photo...but I am fond of it anyway.